Ameezing this year again at the Van Doorne Kiosk!

Ameezing Eindhoven 2022 will take place on Friday evening September 23th. This edition, Ameezing will also take place at the Van Doorne Kiosk on the parking lot near the Stadswandelpark between the Parktheater and the Stadspaviljoen. At the beautiful kiosk, located opposite of ‘Het Stadspaviljoen’, we can once again present ourselves with enthusiasm to the public. And we can’t wait.

We hope to see and hear you again so that we can enjoy our wonderful (free) sing-along event.

Public information
– The ‘doors’ will open at 18.00 pm
– Support act ‘Or ge zat band’ starts at 18.30 o’clock
– AMEEZING starts at 20.00 o’clock
– Please bring cash money to pay for your drinks at the bars. This helps to prevent a long

Be there in time because full = full.

If you want to practice singing at home, you can! The full program of this evening can be found under the Spotify button on our website.